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The Law Offices of Lyn E. Beggs, PLLC offers experienced representation to clients in professional licensing and administrative matters in addition to general health care representation.  Located in Reno, Nevada, and providing services throughout the State, Ms. Beggs strives to ensure that the individual needs of each client is met.

In Nevada many professions are governed by state laws requiring an individual obtain a license issued by a state professional licensing board before engaging in their profession.  Often the license holder must also obtain additional certificates or registrations to properly practice in their field.   The denial or revocation of such a license or other required certificate/registration can result in an individual being prohibited or restricted in their chosen career.   Legal assistance is often needed to respond to licensing board investigations, defend against disciplinary matters, or simply obtaining a license under certain circumstances.  When such assistance is required, it is crucial to retain counsel that has the right experience and knowledge to best assist the licensee or applicant.

With extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, Ms. Beggs offers a wide range of legal assistance to clients in professional licensing/administrative actions, health care and general legal matters.  Ms. Beggs works closely with her clients to assist them to meet their unique legal needs.

Initial Q & A

What do I need to know when renewing my professional license or certification?


For many providers it’s license renewal time during 2021.  Healthcare providers seemingly face an endless flow of certifications, credentials, registrations, and licenses that must be renewed on a regular basis.


When submitting renewal applications (or initial applications) of any type, a few points are worth remembering.

  • Know what time period the application is requesting information from.

  • Read each question.  It may seem obvious that you need to read the questions on a renewal application.  Unfortunately, the failure to stop and carefully read questions has caused many a provider to fail to properly disclose information resulting in denial of the renewal or potentially facing disciplinary action.  This is particularly important if you have had any administrative action by a board or other entity taken since the last renewal cycle.  When in doubt speak with the legal professional that helped you.

  • If you must answer yes, explain.  If you are required to answer affirmatively to a question, you should be provided the opportunity to provide an explanatory statement.  A short, concise statement of what occurred or the action taken should be sufficient.

  • Delegation of renewal applications is okay, but…..  If you request your office manager or other third party to assist in completing renewal applications be sure that they have all the information needed to submit the application. Remember, you are ultimately signing or attesting the veracity of the information submitted.


Finally, know when applications are due and don’t leave renewals to the last minute, errors are much more likely to occur if the application is being rushed. And, if in doubt, give us a call.

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