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Disclosure Requirements for Holders of Pharmacy Board Registrations

Healthcare providers should be aware that they are required to disclose certain information to their licensing boards such as actions taken by another state licensing board or criminal convictions.

Male Pharmacist

In addition to the requirement to disclose to a provider’s primary licensing authority, pursuant to NAC 639.229, as of September 28, 2022, providers are now required to disclose similar information to the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy if they hold any license, certificate or registration issued by the Board of Pharmacy.  This includes pharmacists, or any provider holding a state-controlled substance registration, a dispensing registration, or prescribing privileges. A holder of a Board of Pharmacy issued registration/license/certificate, must report an administrative action taken against them by any professional licensing board, state or federal agency.  Additionally, a conviction must also be reported.  It should be noted that the Board of Pharmacy defines a conviction as the entry of a plea of guilty or no contest regardless of whether a judgment has been entered.  The required disclosures must be made within 30-days of the action.  Failure to timely disclose such information could result in disciplinary action being taken against a provider, which could ultimately result in further action being taken by their primary licensing board.

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