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Clientele throughout Nevada include:

Physicians (MDs & DOs)

Nurses (APRNs, RNs, LPNs, CNAs)

Physician Assistants

Medical Students & Residents

Marriage & Family Therapists

Social Workers

Pharmacists & Pharmacy Techs



Physical Therapists

Dentists & Dental Hygienists

Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Counselors

Administrators of Long Term Care Facilities

Massage Therapists



Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors

Judges (District, Justice & Municipal Court)

Nevada Boards Where Clients Have Been Represented:

Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners

Nevada State Board of Osteopathic Medicine

Nevada State Board of Nursing

Nevada State Board of Pharmacy

Nevada State Board of Social Workers

Nevada State Board of Psychological Examiners

Nevada State Board of Examiners for Long Term Care Administrators

Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy

Nevada State Board of of Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Counselors

Nevada State Board of Physical Therapy

Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners

Nevada State Board of Cosmetology

Nevada State Board of Chiropractic Medicine

Nevada State Board of Veterinary Medicine Examiners

Nevada Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

Nevada Ethics Commission

Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline

Nevada Administrative Law Servics
Gavel and stethoscope laying on clipboard representing medical administrative licensing law.

Focusing on Administrative Law

Responding to a notices that your professional license is under investigation by the governing board requires a thoughtful and careful reply. These initial investigative responses can help resolve the matter in a timely, and often non-disciplinary, manner.  We work closely with our clients to develop the proper response to investigative notices.

If formal disciplinary action is initiated, cases are carefully evaluated to determine the best possible actions for our client to take; whether that be a negotiated settlement or mounting a vigorous defense and heading to a formal hearing and appeals, if necessary.

The Law Offices of Lyn E. Beggs focuses on providing legal representation and counsel to those who practice professions that are governed by administrative bodies across the state of Nevada.

We assist clients in addressing the ancillary issues that often result from a board investigation or disciplinary action. Licensing board cases can impact more than the primary license they hold: 

  • Making necessary disclosures, 

  • Addressing the potential loss of facility privileges,

  • Medicare and/or Medicaid provider status,

  • Specialty board certifications,

  • Nevada and DEA controlled substance registrations, 

  • or other consequences.

Additionally, we know that the denial of a license can impact an individual as much as a disciplinary matter. We assist those seeking a license or registration from a Nevada professional licensing body whose backgrounds may make the license application process more challenging. We work with our clients in the meticulous preparation of applications and attend any necessary board appearances to ensure the best chance of securing the desired credentials.

We remain committed to our clients long after the original administrative matter is completed.

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