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What do I do if I have received a letter notifying me I am under investigation from my licensing board?

Don’t panic.  Most licensing boards are legally required to open an investigation upon receipt of a complaint against a licensee (assuming the Board has jurisdiction).

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Don’t disregard timelines.  If you’ve received a letter of investigation you will be directed to respond in writing to the letter within a certain period of time and may also be directed to provide documents or other materials at the same time.  Most licensing boards are willing to provide a reasonable extension of time to respond if needed, but don’t let the deadline go by or simply ignore the letter.


Try not to be defensive.  It’s natural to want to defend yourself against allegations made against you, but the licensing board staff member/investigator is simply trying to gather information about the incident.  This is your initial opportunity to provide the licensing board with information regarding the issue in question and to explain your side of things; this is not the time to mount an aggressive defense.

Do seek legal assistance as quickly as possible.  While you may feel that you can respond to the letter on your own, legal counsel experienced in administrative licensing matters can help ensure that the response letter sent to the licensing board addresses not only all factual issues involved in the case, but legal issues, as well.

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