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Disclosures of Sealed/Expunged Criminal Actions

If you have ever had records related to a conviction or even an arrest sealed or expunged in any state prior to applying for a license from a Nevada occupational licensing board, do not assume that you do not need to disclose that information in your application.

 Scales of Justice

Several licensing boards in Nevada specifically request an applicant to disclose arrests or convictions that were previously expunged or sealed while other boards simply request full disclosure of an individual’s criminal background.  Nevada licensing boards require that fingerprints be submitted during the application process for background checks through the FBI.  These background checks may show criminal actions that an individual has sealed or expunged in the applicable state but which have not been expunged from FBI records.  The failure to disclose these actions can often cause the applicant significant difficulties including the possibility of the denial of the license.  Always consult legal counsel prior to submitting an application for an occupational license if you have criminal records that have been sealed or expunged.

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